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  • Derecho de playa

    Data de lançamento: 08/03/2016

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    Rodolfo learned to dive as a child and soon it became his passion and way of life. Carlos his younger brother, learned through him. Carlos works with his son Alonso, who was born deaf and because of that he cannot dive, but he is an expert assisting the diver from the boat. They all share love and respect for their crafts as fishermen, which provides livelihood for their families. A profession at risk in the region because of the owners of the land near the coast attempting to violate the free Access right to the beaches, hindering the course of their work as fishermen. The Mexican Constitution grants them that right, but local authorities do not guarantee their right to continue to ply their work as fisherman, a craft with many dangers both in the sea and out of it.

  • Equipe


    Jorge Díaz Sánchez


    Rodolfo Mendoza as Carlos Mendoza as Ponciano Camacho as Eliseo González as Daniel Kosonoy as Eloy Luna as Fernando Pinal as

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